Residential Care

Residential Aged Care Facilities provide various levels of supportive care and are administered and operated under the Aged Care Act 1997. An Aged Care Assessment is required to gain entry into these types of facilities.All aged care facilities undergo an accrediation process to ensure quality of care for the older person.

Low Income Housing

Low Income Housing provides long term housing, security and affordable rent (approximately 25% of Income) for people on low incomes. Community Housing organisations are non-government organisations operating under the Community Housing Providers (National Law) (South Australia) Act 2013.

Retirement Villages

Retirement villages are complexes of residential units or a number of seperate complexes of residential units on common land, these units are intended for residential use under a retirement village scheme.

Independent Living Units

Independent Living Units (referred to as villas or ILU’s) are standard units which are designed for the person to live independently and enjoy the secruity of a gated community with peers close by.